Welcome to GGE Enterprises. We are focused on creating the best coffee products possible. Founded in 2015, we are a family run business located in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland.  Our goal is to be a solution provider, and innovator for our many customers. We consistently deliver products tailored to each customer’s desired profile.  This gives each of our products a unique and refined taste. We welcome any challenge with a desire to develop your specific profile.

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Coffee Beans

We ethically source our roasted coffees from several sources. Primarily, we work with beans that are roasted and ground by our large roasting partners. We can also source green beans, and have them roasted by a local partner.  Essentially, we strive to source the best beans to create the best finished coffee product.

Packaging Solutions

Our mission is to provide a great variety of packaging solutions. We can provide pouch, bag-in-box, and kegs. If you have a different type of desired packaging, we will work to source a solution. We not only brew great coffee, but we also solve problems.

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Your Custom Cold Brew

Our proprietary cold brew process focuses on maximizing quality, flavor profile, and yield. We can simultaneously unlock flavor notes, and save you money. Typically, we provide an initial no-cost sampling to unlock the potential of your chosen coffee, and provide the customer with an opportunity to taste the rich flavor produced by our process. Most cold brew is produced in an ambient environment, but we truly do all of our brewing and storage just above freezing. This develops a smooth flavor profile and ensures the safety of the product.